Firebase Distribution: Device registered, you're all set!

Firebase Distribution: Device registered, you're all set!

I recently experienced an issue where our testers were unable to download the latest test releases from our firebase distribution, even…

Kirk Ryan · 1 minute read

Firebase distribution makes it easy to put early builds of your app in testers hands quickly and without any complicated review process for external users. This made it ideal for our needs when testing feature or alpha builds.

I quickly hooked up our fastlane CI/CD pipeline (based on GitHub actions) and noticed that although all of our testers were able to register and be notified of new releases, they were unable to download them.

Testers would receive a message that their Device was registered, you're all set, but no download button would appear:

Device registered, you're all set

The issue persisted during new builds too. There had to be an issue somewhere... Well, looking at our pipeline it became apparent that I was signing the feature and alpha releases as "app-store" releases, and not "development" releases! Therefore these releases would not be signed correctly to allow registered development devices to download the release.

In order to fix this I simply changed the Fastfile (as I was using fastlane) to use the development certificate and to build the release as a development release (code below):


This promptly fixed the issue and allowed testers to download the latest releases that were now signed with this new certificate and provisioning profile.

firebase distribution with download

I hope this helps!