How do we enable our teams to act fast and succeed?

How do we enable our teams to act fast and succeed?

What if you invest in your team and they leave? Well.. that's the wrong question.. What if you don't and they stay? Many of you may…

Kirk Ryan · 1 minute read

As a founder, the question of building and investing in our team is a hot topic. We are proud to have a strong coaching and development culture in our organisation and a strict - castle builders not welcome here ethos that allows our teams to grow and develop in a supportive environment.

But, what are the things as a business owner that you can do for your staff? Here are some of the decisions we have made early on:

  1. Self-paced training - we allow all staff to dedicate parts of their working week to training and development. On-demand courses from providers such as Adobe, Cloud Academy, Udemy and A Cloud Guru allow our staff to thrive.
  2. Systems - it's important to make the right investments into systems that accelerate (not slow down) staff productivity, whilst providing actionable success (or improvement) metrics to allow us to measure our performance and encourage each other. As such we chose:
  • CRM (Sales Pipeline/Forecasts/Deal Management) - HubSpot. This was a clear winner for us offering ease of use, flexibility and unrivalled self-service training to get our staff up to speed quickly
  • Revenue Intelligence - wouldn't it be great if you knew where and perhaps where not to spend your valuable time? to the rescue - it's not cheap, but then again it pays for itself if you close additional business because of the insights it provides.
  • Sales Coaching / Deal intelligence - Gong. This is an unbelievable technology - allowing you to identify how you and your sales teams are performing and what actions lead to better outcomes.
  • Media / Creatives / Editing - Adobe Creative Suite. Industry standard, yet accessible for everyone - this is at the heart of our marketing creative productions
  • Socials - Contentcal - our marketing team led this decison, testing lots of different solutions over a period of 4-6 weeks to assess what suited their workflow best.

Although the top two have helped us move forward, the main driving force behind all of these is our company culture.

I'm a firm believer, a business is nothing without it's people. And regardless of our competition, the one thing they don't have is us.