What happened when AI did my work for me?

What happened when AI did my work for me?

AI is here to take your job. Or is it? Find out what happened when I started using GitHub Copilot on a daily basis.

Kirk Ryan · 1 minute read

Whenever something new comes along, there's always the hype train. And there was certainly a lot of hype around GitHub's new AI assisted feature called Copilot. The idea here is that by analysing billions of lines of code, Copilot would learn the patterns and solutions to many of the programming tasks and challenges that a programmer will encounter on a daily basis. By suggesting ways to complete these tasks, the goal is to speed up and simplify the developer experience.

Now.. This is where the negative hype train kicked in...

AI is here to take your job!



Did the advent of calculators wipe out mathmaticians and physicists across the globe?


They simply get to focus more of their efforts on the innovative tasks, rather than the mundane.

You still have to know the best practices of structuring code, and more importantly how to debug, deploy and maintain the code, and therefore there will always be a need for developers. In fact, I would actually expect an INCREASE in demand for developers as organisations seek to maximise on the now increased value that they can return back to the business (more innovation, new routes to market, reduced time to market, etc).

So, unfortuentely, even though I would have loved to have had an always awake programmer, with infinite knowledge - this still isn't the case.

Now, don't get me wrong. Copilot is awesome, and it does help speed up a lot of my tasks - thing of the common things you have to google search, or look up in the docs - it's very likely that copilot will suggest something sensible that can complete that task.